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LETTER: Powertech can’t hide in smoke it’s blowing

To the Editor:

Unless the public is willing to do its own research (see, people will be choked by the smokescreen of contradictory statements and facts discharged by Powertech CEO Clements and Project Director Hollenbeck. Their strategy is to “duck and avoid” questions and to tantalize readers with phrases like “mine proposal should pay off in long run,” project is “fairly benign,” “we expect,” “don’t anticipate,” etc. Contradictory statistics are quoted on proposed jobs — Hollenbeck states 120 while Clements says 80. Thirty to 40 is more like it, unless you are counting barbers and bottled water salesmen. Both men claim Crowe Butte to be a “uranium nirvana.” Make a trip to Crawford, Neb., and see if that is what you want the Black Hills to emulate. Fort Robinson (Crazy Horse murder) keeps Crawford alive, not the uranium business. Crawford has lost significant population in the last 10 years.

Powertech claims in-situ mining is safer because “you don’t see it.” Red flag. Significant destruction to underground structures and aquifers is likely and those damages can’t be fixed — ever. This is our water, our future, and these profiteers want to take it and then disappear in the smoke.