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LETTER: Pope, Obama both on right track

To the Editor:


I just read the words of Pope Francis in your paper and would like to instill the same thing to our Congress. As follows: We need a new mentality of service to the Congress. His quote again: We have a hidebound and self-centered administration in our Congress. He reminds us of the Gospel, the words of Jesus. What is wrong?

How about food stamps for the poor. Higher minimum wage so all can eat. Affordable health care for the poor, Obamacare. Care for elderly, Medicare and Social Security.

I am disappointed to hear former governor Rounds try to tell us $7 billion will be taken out of Medicare. This is a barefaced lie. He must be a tea party member.

The tea party has been trying diligently to weaken Medicare and Social Security. I, as a recipient of both, know what I am talking about.

I think Obama and Pope Francis are both on the right track.