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LETTER: Personal health details not needed on candidates

To the Editor:


 After reading the first of your profiles on the candidates for U.S. Senate, I must say I was disturbed by the contents of information included for Dr. Annette Bosworth. I do not know her and am not part of her campaign. I had never heard of her until she announced her candidacy.


 The reporting from the public record regarding her history with the South Dakota Medical Association presented just enough information to make one wonder why she was required to seek mental health therapy. It’s the kind of thing one expects to read if you pick up any of the popular expose magazines on newsstands. Should she have given a fuller/ different explanation of the matter on her campaign website? Is seeking or being required to have mental health therapy any different from seeking medical care for any other condition? Should any candidate be required to lay bare all the personal details of his or her life?


 Whether or not I agree with the positions of any candidate for public office or elected official, I applaud those who decide for whatever reason to seek elective office. I am interested in the position a candidate takes on issues. Their medical history may not be relevant. Let us refrain from wanting or reporting personal details. After all, if we want a government where we have the privilege of electing our public officials whom we expect to legislate fairly and wisely, well-qualifi ed individuals may decide it is just not worth seeking office.