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LETTER: People duped by dishonorable officials

To the Editor:

Davison County needs a new auditor; not a new ballot scanner. Public officials continue to withhold June 5, 2012, election facts. Election process internal control deficiencies, combined with decisions made by public officials, tainted the integrity of the election process and the validity of the election results.

As of today, no public official has had the guts to tell the people the whole truth with regards to the Davison County 2012 primary election. Back in the day of the Greatest Generation, a handshake and a promise meant something to everyone. As the son of a veteran of World War I, I am honor bound to share the following documented facts.

The votes on a test-deck of 612 sample ballots and the votes on 460 double-counted ballots were included in the June 5, 2012, election night results; a 23.8 percent non-cast ballot count injection. Prior to the June 7, 2012, second and third ballot counts, the votes from the test deck of 612 sample ballots were secretly deleted from the M650 Ballot Scanner.

Based on recommendations made by public officials, the canvassing board tossed out the June 5, 2012, election night results. The election results of the subsequent ballot counts were not publicly reconciled against the election night results.

A June 27, 2012, election report documents that the Davison County M650 Ballot Scanner accurately tabulated the votes from the 5,573 ballots included in the election night results, which contained 1,072 non-cast ballots. On Aug. 31, 2012, a public official conducted a smoke and mirrors task force investigation. In Davison County, from June 5 to Nov. 6, 2012, the number of active voters increased by 445 and the number of inactive voters decreased by 401, a 34.5 percent decrease.

The people have been duped and hoodwinked by dishonorable public officials.