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LETTER: Our freedom should apply to everyone

To the Editor:

One of the defi ning characteristics of the United States is the ideology of freedom. Within the intricacies of defi ning this freedom there are differing opinions, but the truth is, freedom is posited to be one of the great things the U.S. has to offer. And yet, there are still some among us who are not free to marry. Their love for one another is just as beautiful and wonderful as all other spousal love, but they are denied the respect that society grants to other couples.

Some states have realized the important need to stand alongside those being denied said rights and have made laws supporting same-sex marriage. Other states seem to be waiting and watching and still others remain staunch in this denial.

In our state, South Dakota, we are witnessing a grassroots movement by six couples that have shared life and love as beautiful as any other married couple. It is the position of the Anew United Church of Christ, of Mitchell, to stand alongside these and all other same-sex couples who are seeking freedom to marry.

We do this because we believe God is a God of egalitarian justice who desires for all humanity to have the most basic right of being in legally recognized marriages as the current culture exhibits.

We do this because our congregation of Jesus followers emulates a Jesus who fought for those being denied basic privileges of the society in which they existed.

We do this because we believe South Dakota is a state of friendly people who wish to show the world that our friendliness extends to all people regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity. We do this because we desire for the courts of South Dakota to be courts that work toward justice for all, not for only some. We do this because we desire for our children to grow up in and be proud of their home state that accepts and respects everyone.