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LETTER: Open hearts, wallets for Splash of Spirits

To the Editor:

Nov. 7 marked the end of a night of entertainment, friendship, caring and hope. It was the scheduled night of the Splash of Spirits for the Avera Queen of Peace Foundation fundraiser. My wife and I attended last year’s event with a great deal of enjoyment and left knowing we helped someone in need. Last year, the foundation raised more than $100,000 from contributors at the event. This amount helped more than 300 people in the community. It was a night of meeting people who received help in paying for treatments for cancer and illnesses. Their smiling faces were all that was needed to make my wife and me realize that we all can make a difference in these people’s lives.

This year’s Splash of Spirits “night to remember, a night to help” was canceled due to lack of support. Not from contributors, who helped raise more than $100,000 last year, but from those bringing the spirits for the event, due to not enough sales.

Therefore, I wish to make a suggestion. Those involved in helping to make such a fantastic event happen, let us know what your bottom-line needs are. I will pay extra for the tickets, and I am sure most others would do the same. Paying $50 a ticket did not raise the $100,000. The money was from those who opened their hearts and pocketbooks. We would also encourage suppliers to be more giving and support the event as a fundraiser as well. Open your hearts next time and help the foundation hold an event that can touch so many in the community.