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LETTER: Obama’s presidency marked by audacity

 To the Editor:


 Audacity: The dictionary describes it as a synonym to temerity. Audacity suggests either great presumption or defiance of social conventions, morals, etc.


 What are Barack Obama’s credentials to be president of the U.S.A.?


 To begin, he was born to two rebels. None of us can pick our parents, but every move Obama has made since entering the political arena has been a power grab. A move to build bigger and more controlling government. Against, rather than for, freedom.


 From his involvement with ACORN, “the vote scammers,” that would redistribute the wealth to the appointing of 36 czars who are only accountable to him; to his reckless tax and spend policy resulting in a $6 trillion increase in our national debt, without the benefit of a budget so we are more able to scrutinize spending; to amnesty for illegal aliens; his pro-abortion stand; the affirmation of homosexuality; the affirmation that women should fight on the battlefield; declaring that evangelical Christians are a threat to government; the coverup of why four Americans were killed in the ambassador’s office in Benghazi; the use of the Internal Revenue Service to target the tea party and other opposing conservatives; his reckless disregard of the Constitution when it doesn’t agree with his agenda; his 23 executive orders to implement gun control; his environmental action that will greatly raise production costs of our nation; his unaffordable health care plan; to his lack of logic and common sense.


 J. Edgar Hoover wrote a book many years ago describing their socialistic drive, he called it “The Masters of Deceit.”


 History has recorded that those of moral bankruptcy, when they set themselves as judge and jury, have tortured or killed 200 million people — any who could confront them with the truth. Truth is defined in John 14:6.