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LETTER: Obamacare a death sentence for many

To the Editor:

Time is running out for many people who are existing only because their doctor performs his Hippocratic Oath which states, “first do no harm.” Under the laws of Obamacare, doctors and insurance companies cannot provide affordable services to their patients. Their hands are tied.

Implementation of his thoughtless (unread and unexplainable) program has and will upset the functioning of employees, insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid and doctors, plus erase confidentiality.

Obamacare is a death sentence for many people who depend daily on minutes and seconds to keep them alive. They don’t have time to sit at the computer and shop for another insurance provider that will accept them. The ripples in the pond from Obama throwing a rock into the system keep expanding. Relatives and friends who jeopardized their jobs (if they have one, nowadays) to try to help those who need to get online (if they have access to a computer) to in some way save themselves from demise because they need medicine, surgery or cancer care.

Obamacare has imposed a hardship on almost everyone in one way or another. Those who cannot afford insurance, also cannot afford a computer or gas to drive somewhere to use one, plus cannot afford a fine. If they cannot pay the fine, they are threatened with jail time. That option may be the only choice for the poor and middle class. At least then they will receive warm housing, food, clothing, medicine and possibly have access to a computer, which they then won’t need. Who will it affect next? Your insurance company, your doctor, your employer, your friend, your parent, your child, yourself — or all of the above?