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LETTER: Obama should follow through on threats

President Barack Obama drew an imaginary red line where he said we would get into the Syrian war if the government crossed that red line. The red line was if Assad used poison gas on his own people. Now Assad has crossed that red line by using poison gas on his own people, and killing a lot of them, so now it is up to us to make good on our threat to get into the war and punish Assad.

When Obama made that threat, he fully expected to have the support of the United Nations and most countries. Now the crisis is here, and he finds he does not have the support he thought he would.

A number of congresspeople signed a letter saying Obama should have approval from Congress before getting into the war. I don’t think they expected to get it, but Obama was smart and asked for their approval, so now it is the responsibility of Congress as to what happens. If things go badly, it will be Congress’ responsibility.

The original idea was to get in a few licks to punish Assad for using poison gas, but I am afraid that won’t work. If you get into a fight, you better figure on finishing it or it is liable to follow you home. And now it looks like we will be paying a big price for it either way.