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LETTER: Obama no Reagan in dealing with shutdown

To the Editor:

For your information concerning the shutdown of the U.S. government: One party controls the White House and the Senate, while the opposition has a wide margin in the House. Because of budget disagreements between the parties, the government shuts down. It sounds strangely familiar. Unfortunately, the end to this story from the Reagan administration is very different from the one playing out today.

Unlike Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan never refused to talk with the other side and understood that compromise was necessary. The government shut down five times during Reagan’s two terms and in every case he went to the Hill and worked out a deal. Oh, for the days of actual working democracy.

In contrast, Obama forced this government shutdown with his refusal to give anything but a demand to do it his way or else. The negative consequences are his. Kristi Noem and the Republicans are ready to talk, just as Tip O’Neill and the Democrats were, but this time there is certainly no Ronald Reagan to come to the rescue.

The Republicans are working hard to get our government’s finances in order. They are out of control.