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LETTER: Newspaper disgraced Claggett’s memory

To the Editor:

It really saddened me about the disrespectful comments made by our community’s local newspaper, The Daily Republic, regarding Sara Claggett upon her passing.

Sara was such a beautiful person; it was horrible the way the newspaper disgraced her memory. The audacity you had to bring up her past. Not even one good thing was said about how caring, outgoing, loving and what a big-hearted person she was. Everyone has a past and skeletons in their closet. All the battles we face in life should not have to be revealed when we are no longer here.

Sara can’t voice how she feels, so I think all of us who knew her and loved her should. We should all be her voice. If the tables were turned and one of you lost a dear loved one, imagine how it would feel reading the words from your local community newspaper slaughtering the memory and character of the person you just lost forever.

I believe you owe a tremendous apology to Sara Claggett’s family and friends. Maybe this will open your eyes and you will never disrespect someone’s memory again.

The world is already cold. Why make it colder?