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LETTER: Newspaper continues to drag people through mud

To the Editor:


 Does the Mitchell Daily Republic get a kick out of constantly dragging people down? Over the last several months I have lost more and more desire to even receive this paper. When my nephew Landon Bueber died the newspaper reporter came to the funeral and was a complete distraction. The reporter was up front during the funeral taking pictures and even stepped in front of me when I took my son out to snap a picture of my sister and her husband grieving, and then plastered it on the front page of the newspaper the next day. My sister called and told Seth Tupper how upset she was that the photo showed up in the paper. Seth was on the phone defending the paper, but couldn’t even apologize to my sister for putting the photo in the paper. In fact she had to finally hang up on him to get him to quit defending the paper. I think a sorry we offended you could have been said. Another article is when Sara Claggett was killed on Highway 37 and of course the paper had to bring up all the dirt on her to publish in the newspaper for her grieving family to read the next day.


 Is this truly necessary? Now, in today’s paper the DUI conviction of commissioner Weitala. Was it really necessary for the article? Why is it when a public leader makes a mistake the newspaper needs to make it a big deal? Kim admitted she was wrong. Did it make a difference by publishing the big article in the newspaper. When others are convicted of crimes a picture and article doesn’t make front page news. Maybe it is time to start seeing the positive in people instead of always seeing the negative. How do you guys feel after you completely bash the person that did wrong?