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LETTER: Neighbor dispute not a public matter

To the Editor:


 I try to digest most of the stories that I read, so I can, based on my own opinion, decide what constitutes a problem.


 In the past few weeks an old issue has fired up again and a couple articles have appeared in The Daily Republic. I can only put into print my personal feelings and views.


 It appears that the operations were going on when they moved into the property, during 2012.


 We purchased our home in 1996 in Mitchell. When we made our choice we were aware of the railroad tracks running near our home. We were aware that trains would pass by our property at all times of day and night. We were also aware that there were two crossings within a block of our house. We knew that engines must sound their horns at the crossing as a safety signal to traffic.


 Also, they were constructing the Highway 37 bypass and the overpass was near our property. We were aware of that but liked the home and location, so we felt we could absorb the discomforts of the noise.


 We have children, grandchildren and guests who are with us on occasion, and I’m sure their sleep is interrupted occasionally because of the noise of a passing train. Also at times during a 24-hour day, we are blessed with a semi-truck passing over the overpass. It’s a big surprise when a big semi goes over the overpass and throws on his jake brake and the windows in your bedroom rattle. Life goes on.


 Those noises are present every day, and we don’t make an issue of it. The distraction is only a few seconds at a time, those few times a day. The joys of our home and location are present all the hours and minutes we have without the distraction.


 I believe this is more of a personal issue rather than a noise or distraction issue. I would think the issue could be handled by the individuals involved rather than drag the public into it.