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LETTER: Nation missing aborted babies' contributions

To the Editor:

More than 3,000 children will be killed in America today. Each of these aborted babies was a son or daughter, somebody's brother or sister, and may have grown to be somebody's father of mother.

Their individual DNA came from God Almighty and is unique among all people. They possessed innate gifts and talents that never will be developed for the benefit of themselves and others. Who knows what they may have contributed to humanity?

Had they lived, they would have loved and been loved. They would have attended our schools, participated in sports, played in the school band, etc. Their photographs would be in school yearbooks and displayed in grandpa and grandma's home. Many would have gone on to higher education, some would serve in the nation's defense forces.

They would have enriched our lives as physicians, firefighters, teachers, plumbers, musicians, automobile technicians.

They would join our labor force, negating the need for vast numbers of immigrants to do the work. In large number, these young adults would have contributed to Social Security and Medicare, helping keep these systems financially viable.

As a nation, we allowed the killing of the very people who were destined to be part of our future. It's too bad we never got to know them. We have missed out on so much. 56,193,200 and counting.