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LETTER: Moon might be a suitable spot for hogs

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter on Sunday morning after a wonderful rain last night. Normally I would love the smell of a beautiful day after a rain, but after that pig thing is going to be built straight north of me, I will now be waking to the smell of "money" instead.

Why did the commissioners waste all the people's time and money on all the meetings when they meant nothing? Apparently, no one listened to what the people living nearby had to say. The entire process was a big joke. They had their minds made up before, obviously.

I want to know who decided that an operation like this only needs to be located a half-mile from the nearest farmstead. In the next breath, they say the smell disperses after a mile and a half -- if that's the case, why don't they have to be at least a mile and a half from someone ? For another thing, I can tell you it does not disperse that soon, as I live 3½ miles from an operation south of me and when the wind is out of the south, I can definitely smell it. It should be at least five miles from anyone.

There is a place for these things: Build them south of Mission on Highway 83 all the way to Valentine, Neb. There are miles and miles of nothing. No one to bother. Better yet, build it on the moon. But if the wind is just right, we will still probably be able to smell it.