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LETTER: Mitchell’s priorities need re-examined

To the Editor:

Come with me on a journey into the future. Imagine that the city of Mitchell is forced into a position of having to default on its debt because of the financial collapse at the federal level. It is decided by the citizens of Mitchell that a small team of taxpayers should review the city’s government in terms of needs and wants. What is essential to survival, and what is not?

Needs: Water, sewer, streets, refuse, power, schools, cemetery, fire protection and police(?).

Wants: Campgrounds, fitness center, all sports complexes, buildings that do not directly support city government, excess properties, etc.

We could argue about what belongs in each group, but you get the idea.

Remember this is about survival. Did the Great Depression teach us anything? If we don’t live within our means, we have no options when disaster strikes.

I don’t know Rep. Kristi Noem, R-S.D., but I can tell from her words she is terrified for the financial future of this nation. Her goals are so prioritized.

God’s prophets in the Bible’s Old Testament told his people what they didn’t want to hear, and they stoned the prophets to death. Sure enough, disaster struck.

Likewise, we can make God and the possibility of life after death go away by simply ignoring Him. Where do you stand?

Remember responsibility for all debt that is incurred by government at any level falls on the shoulders of the taxpayer. Yet those who spend, do so without regard for the welfare of those who do not pay. Thirtyeight million dollars in debt is no laughing matter.

Note: I could write a book on what is wrong with our city’s management and priorities, but unless they believe this could happen, management will ignore this counsel.