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LETTER: Mitchell should offer tourists an experience

To the Editor:

“Mitchell: A-Maize-ing!” That should be our motto. That should be our goal.

How many professional studies do we need to tell us we have a unique heritage which we need to capitalize on? The harvest of corn and grains brought people together to celebrate. We need to celebrate that heritage with our tourists. As suggested in a study done in the late 1990s for Mitchell development, corn should be “sewed” into and throughout the city, from food menus to decor for businesses and residences.

The farming displays last year in the Corn Palace were a big hit. If we are going to have a green area around the Corn Palace, it should be crop vegetation. People that grow up and live in cities enjoy the opportunity of experiencing agriculture.

With all of the local talent, from school children to adults, evening entertainment in the Corn Palace area should be offered throughout the summer. Native American dancers would be a cultural experience that should be included. Entertainment would help keep tourists overnight and many local people would enjoy it as well. Hay rack rides, farm tours that could include driving by the grain elevator … we can offer an experience. It is time the opinions of all be considered; not as criticism but as ideas for improvement. Mitchell is a unique city with most of the amenities of a large city with a “hometown” atmosphere. We have a lot to be proud of. We can work together and make Mitchell A-MAIZE-ING!