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LETTER: Love your neighbors, and their animals

To the Editor:

I was born and raised in Delmont. I had seven siblings, and there was quite a list of animals that resided with us on our property, which was just two blocks off of main street. We had a team of horses, up to four milk cows, two pigs, a hen house full of chickens, four rabbits, one goat and a dog named Duke, who lived to be 18. We had a great life. Family, animals and neighbors all got along without complaint. In fact, those cows kept our family and many of our neighbors fed.

You can complain all you want about animals, and the flies and smells, but small towns are some of the few places where animals and people are still able to live together. I’d much rather deal with a few clucking chickens than loud music or rowdy neighbors. We’re all supposed to live together in harmony, and maybe the fact that people aren’t around more animals is why there’s such a disconnect between us and nature. Learn to appreciate what’s around you and be happy. You’re lucky to live in a small town. Love thy neighbors, human and animals alike.