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LETTER: As long as there’s breath, there’s hope

To the Editor:

Anybody who has thoughts of suicide should try to stop these thoughts any way possible. I say this because as long as you have breath, there is still hope.

I myself have had suicidal thoughts on a couple of occasions. Once I was going to run off the interstate into the uprights on the concrete holding the bridge up, but for some reason I veered off and didn’t end my life. Another time, I walked in front of a guy pointing a shotgun. He didn’t pull the trigger by sheer coincidence. I thought for sure I was going to die that day. Thank goodness I wasn’t killed. Since then I have been born again and I’ve been saved. If I would have been killed, I would have not had the chance for the Lord to save my soul. I would have died both physically and spiritually. I would have been lost forever.

I do believe most people who commit suicide are people who regret some things they have done in their lives and don’t know where to get help.

The help I got came from the Lord when I started going to church and was baptized and forgiven. Oh, I still feel guilty for the sins I have committed, but the happiness I have because the Lord has forgiven me outweighs the guilt.

Now I can smile and laugh and praise the Lord. I no longer have thoughts of suicide and I’ve never been happier. So, if you have suicidal thoughts, don’t go to a psychiatrist, go to the Lord and give Him your burdens. He will lift the yoke from you and take you into His heart. Please don’t think that death is the way out. In death there is no life — only death.

If nothing else, think about your family and friends, how sad they would feel because of your death. Don’t be selfi sh. And, most of all, ask the Lord for help. He will help; just give Him a chance.