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LETTER: Locals could work to save the Starlite

To the Editor:

From what I'm hearing, people from 45 miles away from Mitchell are sad to see the Starlite Drive-In come to an end. I don't how to go about it, so I'm throwing the idea out so someone who has the know-how can do it.

We can't expect Jeff Logan to carry the brunt of technology change. The South Dakotans in the surrounding area love the Starlite. It is what many of us remember of "the good old days."

This is our local history, this is United States history. I hate to see it disappear like so many other things have done.

I think someone should start a campaign with an account at our local bank, "Save the Starlite." If donations were to flood it so Logan could update to the proper equipment, we could maintain our history for our children and grandchildren.