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Former police chief found guilty of murder

LETTER: Klumb would do what's good, right

To the Editor:

I have never considered myself to be a prolific writer; however, I do know how to talk, I know what I believe and why I believe it. I am not afraid to share my beliefs. I believe Josh Klumb would be an admirable candidate for the state House for District 20.

I have known Josh since he was a baby, and I have watched him grow up to be a young man with morals and ideals. He is a young man who is not afraid to state what he believes in and has the courage to follow through with those beliefs.

Three more things I have observed about him through the years: his love for God, his love for his church and his love for politics, in that order.

He truly believes in what is good and what is right. So he would vote for what is good and what is right for his constituents. Yes, I believe in Josh Klumb.

LETTER: Klumb would do what's good, right