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LETTER: Is it really the best value?

To the Editor:

I found Seth Tupper's column, "The Best Deal You'll Ever Find," quite interesting. It reminds me of a phone conversation I had with a telemarketer long before the "Do Not Call" list existed. The sales pitch was that I could purchase 10 magazine subscriptions for a measly $3 per month, which, frankly was quite a good deal, even back then. I responded that I could get the subscriptions cheaper at my local library. Needless to say, the telemarketer hung up on me. But, back to the value of a newspaper.

I am currently a subscriber to The Daily Republic, but I'm actually thinking of canceling my subscription. Why? Because I can get most of the information you publish free off the Internet. In fact, I can (and do) get a lot of it off your website. For free. So why am I paying for it? Maybe you have a limit (like the New York Times) of how many articles I can view; I don't know, because I haven't reached it yet. And are you that much cheaper than other newspapers? Actually, not. I subscribe to the digital New York Times for half the price I pay for The Daily Republic.

While I prefer to read a printed newspaper vs. a digital one, I highly doubt the old paper newspaper will survive into the digital age without changes. How is The Daily Republic going to embrace this change?