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LETTER: Hog facility would pollute nearby air

To the Editor:

The proposed swine unit to be built in Baker Township will bring an end to clean air for many family farms that live and farm here. Where is the law written that we don't have the right to breathe clean air and protect our health and family from hog smell, methane, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide? We are not second-rate citizens. We have just as much right to clean air as anyone living in surrounding towns. Just imagine 8,000 gallons of hog waste per acre, think of the smell, flies and health problems it will cause. It will not make for good neighbors.

Jackrabbit Family Farm is a corporation. Most of the money will go out of the state and Davison County. All we will have is the stench and the mess, road upkeep and snow removal for the county.v

To this date, we don't know who the shareholders are. I would be ashamed to put my name on it, too, with most of the people who live here being against it.

Imagine trying to sell your acreage with 5,400 sows producing manure and putrid smell within a mile or less from you.

Dan Sudrla said on TV and in the paper that the citizens of Mitchell don't have to worry about the smell from it, because it dissipates after one and a half miles. We all live closer than that.

Most of the main polluting elements are heavier than air, so when it travels, it stays close to the ground. Most of us live lower than the proposed barns. Commissioners, think of us. Would you like to live here? They don't, because they don't build it where they live.