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LETTER: Grow Mitchell, not its government

To the Editor:

Spending millions of dollars on the Corn Palace is a waste of taxpayers' money and will destroy the integrity of the Corn Palace. Replacing murals for glass windows and a walkout balcony and the addition of new lit domes will not draw more people off the interstate.

Wall Drug draws two million people a year with billboards advertising free ice water and nickel coffee. It would make more sense investing in billboards with free Corn Palace popcorn balls and a new visitors center, complete with restroom facilities, to give tourists a great first impression of our town.

While attending open forums in 2011, I opposed the Next Generation Corn Palace. I got ice-cold looks from the pro-Corn Palace agenda special interests. It is understandable why people do not speak up or get involved in politics. People are also afraid of losing their jobs or being marginalized.

Citizens have a right to know what's going on. I was told there would be public debates for the four multimillion projects -- a second sheet of ice, the Corn Palace, City Hall and the library. Why aren't the paper and our mayor supporting public forums? You hear all about how wonderful these projects are, but you never hear from the opposition.

It was stated at a City Council meeting that we are in debt because we don't have a city administrator ... false.

We are in debt because we have a liberal, tax-and-spend mayor and City Council. I hope the mayor reconsiders some of the other proposals that were looked at but not discussed or debated. Let's do what's in the best interest of our city. Let's grow our town, not our government. Let's get rid of cronyism, favoritism and nepotism, and have community inclusion instead of exclusion.

Mitchell is a great community with too many talented people that are sitting on the sidelines. I am reminded of what Thomas Jefferson said, "A democracy demands an informed and educated electorate." If you don't have strong community involvement and participation, then you will have a weakened and closed government.