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LETTER: Grinding not dancing, not appropriate

To the Editor:


 Grinding. What’s next? Removal of the clothes?


 In the paper, Mr. Parr said this is how they have been dancing since middle school. Let’s back the truck up here. Just because you do something wrong for years doesn’t make it right. Allowing such lewd and demeaning actions toward one’s dance partner is not dancing; it is sex with clothes on.


 Kids being rebellious is not a new thing. That is why we have rules and consequences. Restricting this kind of dancing is spot on.


 One reason for this dance was that the kids don’t know how to dance. I have a solution: Physical education is a school class taken by most; why don’t the schools have a segment of dance lessons to educate these poor, unknowing children?


 P.S. I must say my children have never seen this kind of dancing from their folks. The real Mr. Parr.