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LETTER: Government needs to learn how to budget

To the Editor:

The sequester: 3 cents of every dollar would be cut. Ponder this: If my household budget needed to be reduced in like manner, the mortgage would still get paid and there would be enough money for food, gasoline and household bills. However, I would be very cautionary in my spending for everything else.

For some reason, the government seems to be incapable of this. Have you heard that if we do this, there will be huge lines at airport security, Social Security checks won't get out on time, there will be a reduction in force of teachers (thought this was a local issue) and police, and on and on. I wonder who took all the time to come up with this scenario. It reminds me of Chicken Little -- "the sky is falling." Let's create another crisis. We, the ordinary, hardworking, tax-paying public have more common sense in our little fingers than all the so-called governing elite in D.C.

We might not be in this situation if the Senate would have passed a budget (required by law) the last four years. If you and I failed to comply with the law (think IRS), we would be taken to court, fined and maybe put in jail. How do these jokers get away with such nonsense?

Become an informed citizen. Don't believe everything the mainstream media tells you. Be discerning. Our freedoms are slowly slipping away. Wake up, America, and seek the truth.