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LETTER: God’s plans proof aliens don’t exist

To the Editor:

To think that we humans are the only ones in the universe seems kind of vain until you weigh the facts.

Think of how much planning and thought went into the redemption of the human race. Also, all the pain and misery God went through when He died on the cross. He had to humble Himself and become human — something that would seem degrading to superiority. He was also made a little less than the angels. Do you really believe that the Father would do something like this more than once?

If other races were to exist, He would have had to create them first, because they would have to be superior to us and not sin in their infancy as a race. Otherwise, I cannot believe if they had sinned the Lord would not have saved them from sin and then turned around and made another race that could have the same problem of sin that was brought by the temptations of the devil.

I just can’t believe that if there are other races that are superior to us and did not sin, that the Father would create an inferior race that did sin.

Yes, I do believe we humans are the only life that exists in the entire universe and we will be the last ones of any kind that our Father will create because of our fallen race that took so much effort to save. The stars do make pretty lights for the angels and God and us, but beyond that there can be no other life like ours anywhere.