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LETTER: Feds' land agenda comes at our expense

To the Editor:    

Texas is the only state that the feds do not own any land in.  What's wrong with the other whimpy states that are too scared to stand their constitutional ground against the overreaching, greedy feds?

Any such claim to federal land ownership (except federal enclaves) lacks constitutional authority, and is therefore null and void. The federal government does not own the public lands. The people do. The issue is not land transfer and the issue is not even legislative authority, because the Constitution and Eisenhower Report are both consistent in saying the legislative authority over the lands within the states belongs to the states (except the federal enclaves). The states just have to exercise it.

Maybe people should question the motives of their state as to why they let the feds do as they wish. Perhaps it is somehow profitable for certain entities to line their wallets at the people's expense? Just a thought. Why would the federal EPA be so interested in ditches, seasonal wet areas, etc.? The feds always have their own agenda at the expense of We the People.