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LETTER: Exchanges already exist in South Dakota

To the Editor:

South Dakotans don’t believe we have an Obamacare health exchange. But we do.

Forty-eight state legislatures have voted on an exchange, not South Dakota. That is because it’s being established through the executive branch. Every South Dakota bill to stop anything to do with Obamacare has been killed.

In 2007, the Rounds/ Daugaard administration had bills for the individual mandate (forcing everyone to buy health insurance) and for a state health care exchange. They failed, but as usual, what can’t get passed by legislation gets passed by a task force. Zaniya Project was passed, and South Dakota started implementing Obamacare as we know it today.

Look at these quotes:

“I am offended … as one who spent the summer on a task force with the Lt. Governor … on how we create an Insurance Marketplace (another term for exchange),” a lobbyist opposing a resolution to restrict Obamacare, HCR1017.

“While (Obamacare) is unpopular in South Dakota, the Administration views it prudent to proceed with its implementation … the Administration will continue to advocate for the exchange … ” and, “ … to establish the Exchange, SD has adopted regulations and laws concerning (Obamacare) … specifi cally S.D. Senate Bills 38 and 43 (2011),” contact person lieutenant governor, as he applied for more federal money to establish an exchange. I think we have an exchange. What do you think?