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LETTER: EPA makes historic property grab

To the Editor:

The 90-day comment period on one of the biggest land grabs in the United States is coming to a close. The EPA is about to grab power over all lakes, ponds, streams, puddles and ditches in the United States, including those on private property.

The rule under the Clean Water Act is based on a study loosely based on fact.

"The ... rule may be one of the most significant private property grabs in U.S. history," said Louisiana Sen. David Vitter, the top Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

The EPA proposal would apply pollution regulations to the country's so-called "intermittent and ephemeral streams and wetlands" — which are created during wet seasons, or simply after it rains, but are temporary.

They are claiming that small streams and waterways are part of the "waters of the United States" because all water is connected underground.

The Supreme Court has already ruled against this but that doesn't stop the Obama administration. He somehow always finds ways around the Supreme Court of the United States when they fail to act in a way that he wants them to act. Their excuse this time is that they are providing definition at the request of environmentalists. Yeah right.

The EPA is redefining the meaning of the word "water" so it can seize control over all water and, as a consequence, all private property in the United States. With all the rain we've been getting and flooding, just look at all the options these land grabbers have, to swoop in and pounce on your land and rights of your property. Everyone needs to wake up and pay attention and put a screeching halt to these greedy control freaks. Just what are our South Dakota congress doing to stop this? Anything?