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LETTER: Encourage Volesky to run for Senate

I understand from news accounts that former state legislator Ron Volesky is considering a bid for the United States Senate.

I have known Ron since grade school and we graduated from Huron High School together. I have known him most of my life, and I can say that he is a man of honesty, integrity and high moral character.

I have also followed his political career during the 16 years that he served in the South Dakota Legislature. I strongly believe that he is the Democrats’ best chance of maintaining Tim Johnson’s seat in the U.S. Senate in 2014.

Volesky is well-qualified in all respects to be a senator. He was held in high esteem by other legislators and the people of South Dakota when he served in the Legislature, and I believe that he will bring that same type of leadership to the U.S. Senate.

Having grown up with Ron, I know he was born in a oneroom, dirt-floor log cabin on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation and went on to graduate from Harvard University. From there he became a very successful attorney as well as being a well-known and well-respected politician throughout our state.

Please take a few minutes and contact Volesky and encourage him to run for the U.S. Senate. Ron is a proven winner in the political arena and has been elected as both a Republican and a Democrat. His appeal crosses party lines.

Volesky’s only known opponent for the Democratic nomination at this time is a person that I understand has lost both of his attempts to be elected to Congress. I understand that his only claim is he is a political pal of Tom Daschle, which landed him a political appointment with FEMA. So what? Volesky has far outdistanced him in winning elective office in South Dakota, and I might add Volesky was also nominated three times by the Democratic Party for attorney general of our state.