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LETTER: Dust regulation was real threat from EPA

To the Editor:

I had to respond to the question raised by Jo Hegg in a recent letter to the editor in which she asked "What is this latest thing about dust?"

My husband and I have recently retired after almost 60 years of farming, and we were very concerned about the proposed regulation of dust by the EPA in order to improve air quality across the nation. Even during a year such as this with abundant moisture, there is dust when you till the ground, plant your crops, spray for weeds and insects, and eventually during the harvest. All these processes release dust into the atmosphere in varying degrees.

The proposal by the EPA would have placed an extreme burden on agriculture with a proposed fine of thousands of dollars for each violation. Sen. Grassley of Iowa was the first to raise opposition to this proposal as it would have bankrupted farmers and effectively prevented them from growing the food and fiber this country and the world depends on.

I am so pleased that Rep. Noem took up the battle and moved legislation forward to prevent this idiotic attempt by the EPA to regulate a substance that occurs even with the most careful agricultural procedures, including driving down all our gravel roads. Look at the dust created when these semi loads of grain are hauled from the field to the elevator. I am thankful we have a representative in Congress who was willing to deal with this "real issue."