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LETTER: ‘Duck Dynasty’ issue comes back to money

To the Editor:

American culture is once again in an uproar. A well-known duck hunter publically made statements about Jesus and the homosexual community. When this most shocking news hit the airwaves, more comments from this person became public, which fueled indignant people on both sides.

It was Paula Deen all over again. Conservatives on the right shout loudly, “freedom of speech.”

Liberals on the left are aghast that someone of Mr. Duck’s personhood could hold such views.

A&E is in the middle smiling sweetly as it suspends Mr. Duck from the show, knowing that this will only result in the ratings of the show reaching new heights as people who support Mr. Duck emulate their even-now more strongly held loyalty to him and his family. The people who are outraged at Mr. Duck will watch the show if only to see what it is about. Liberals are like that you know — they want to have quality information about the ideologies they protest.

All the while, Mr. Duck rakes in the money on the back of American culture.