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LETTER: Dream of real government leaders

To the Editor:

Let us dream of candidates for Congress with real policy, fi ghting tooth and nail to get it done. Not controlled by the big money infl uence Wall Street has over what superfi cial issue a Democrat or Republican campaigns on.

Social issues do nothing on their own to restore the rule of law and the Constitution or to create meaningful jobs that increase the standard of living. They must fi ght for the full funding of NASA — space exploration, defense of Earth from asteroids and extreme space weather, unmanned rovers and satellites, telescopes and industrialization of space and the moon. This would create at least fi ve million jobs and restore our leadership in science and engineering.

They must fi ght to bring fresh water and nuclear desalination systems by building Kennedy’s North American Water and Power Alliance, more than doubling our fresh water in the southwest and stopping the depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer. This would create over seven million jobs and save our farming and ranching industry.

Obama’s gross violations of the Constitution — extrajudicial drone killing and NDAA detainment, extending the Patriot Act’s centralization of executive power, rationing of health care and tossing people off their insurance, massive warrantless wiretapping and engaging in aggressive regime change without consent of Congress in Libya — must stop.

They must commit to protect the savings and pensions of hard-working Americans from Wall Street by fi ghting to restore the Glass-Steagall separations of commercial and investment banking. Fight to inspire the population by reintroducing it to a classical education — art and culture, the beauty of true human creativity, to help people understand we are not merely human cattle to be ruled over by our government or a “free market” like beasts, but we are made in the image of our Creator and born for creating that which is better. We need real leadership, living in the world of principles and ideas, dreaming of the future and taking us there for the common good of our posterity.

Building the future will give us a present. We must regain the vision of John F. Kennedy.