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LETTER: Don't turn murder trials into show

To the Editor:

I see where James Holmes, the Colorado shooter that killed 12 people and wounded many more, some of whom will probably be cripples the rest of their lives, is pleading insanity as an excuse.

If being insane makes you smart enough to acquire an assault weapon and a lot of ammunition and plan an attack to kill a lot of innocent people, we sure do not need that kind of insane people in our society.

When he comes to trial he should receive the death penalty and since there is no doubt about his guilt he should be executed right away. I see no reason why they have to make a big show out of his trial like they did with the Zimmerman trial. It is a waste of a lot of people's time and money.

Whatever was his reason for doing it does not matter now. It was a vicious and well-planned crime that destroyed a lot of lives and he should receive swift and appropriate justice.