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LETTER: Don't trust Powertech mining information

Citizens protesting the uranium mining care about their water and health. These citizens study the NRC, USGS, EPA documents and DENR applications.

They seek only to protect their children and future generations. Most proponents are shareholders or land lease folk. Some of these people have been promised wells drilled to the Madison. Powertech has stated it is trying to sell, and when companies are sold, those promises are null and void.

One can read case study after case study around the country of citizens coerced into investing or signing away their land and water, only to realize later it was too good to be true.

People should read the scientific documents (not listen to Powertech’s P.R. blitz); then they would learn of prolific violations at Crawford. They’d learn about the water losses and tragedies in Wyoming, Texas and Utah.

One has to wonder what some “pro-Powertech” people are reading. Interestingly, the NRC states this project will have “small economic impact.” My father always said “money doesn’t grow on trees,” and “if it’s too good to be true — it probably is.”

One important fact: Powertech as a company has no mining track record, period. Isn’t that fact unsettling, at best?