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LETTER: Don't let SD pheasants disappear like Iowa's

To the Editor:


 I live in southwest Iowa and have hunted pheasants in Iowa for over 55 years. This fall my brother, cousin and I traveled to South Dakota to hunt pheasants, this was the first time for an out of state pheasant hunt for me. We had a great time, hunted hard and had good hunting on the great public hunting ground available in your state. I hope South Dakota can get a handle on declining pheasant numbers before the bird population hits rock bottom as here in Iowa. The “Xfactor” in declining pheasant population isn’t weather or predators, it’s agri-business. Large row-crop fields that are completely free of any weeds, bull dozers clean off fence lines and wind breaks, and tiling machines installing drain tile to drain excess water into streams, lakes, and drinking water supply.


 If you think I’m wrong take a good look at Iowa, areas I’ve hunted for years that had good habitat and high numbers of birds are now virtually a barren landscape, nothing but large corn and bean fields.


 I had a great time hunting pheasants in South Dakota and plan to return again next year. I hope your state can find a way to maintain healthy agriculture while keeping wildlife numbers at high levels.