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LETTER: City should look at full spectrum

 To the Editor:


 Evidently, the city of Mitchell is doing well these days. I’m sure the leadership, committees, staff, etc., deserve a pat on the back. Not too hard though. The outlook on the development within the city is a bit glitzy. A fair amount of monies are being proposed and divvied. I would err on the side of caution and pray about it, is the advice I offer.


 Now don’t get me wrong. I believe the city does need renovating and rejuvenating, but if we are capable of what is being proposed and implemented, I think a full-spectrum view of things is in order.


 From the least to the greatest of projects a society cannot ignore the full picture. We cannot forget a society’s litmus test is how it treats its least: The poor and impoverished, the needy and homeless. If a municipality is capable of proposing and implementing some pretty aggressive ideas and plans, then I think it is capable of viewing a broader picture.


 I’m not suggesting the city should get into a social program or welfare, but by taking a look at what is already implemented and established by reviewing, revisiting and re-assessing the resources and facilities, we can enhance and improve what we know already works.


 In this way we can help the needy individuals by mentoring, guiding and forming them. This gives way to possibly establishing roots here and being a productive citizen. Now, I know full well how the homeless scene works. Many choose homelessness and many do not. For the ones who openly choose homelessness, this provides an opportunity to respond to what we have been entrusted with. We do what we can, and by being a prepared and readied community, we can give way to a fuller society with a Christian backdrop.


 Matt 25:31-46: “Lord when did we see you hungry? ... ”