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LETTER: Change lights on one-way streets

 To the Editor:


 I read, with great interest, the article in The Daily Republic on July 30 regarding “Reimagining Downtown.” My interest didn’t falter when I saw the price tag of $5.8 million, for I remember a committee’s plan to revitalize the Corn Palace for the hefty price of $45 million, then $35 million and now $7.3 million.


 As with any project which might affect the government’s finances, there are incremental changes that could be instituted with little expense to the taxpayers. For instance, the plan would put stop signs, rather than stoplights, on Second, Third, Fourth and Sixth avenues. I assume this would facilitate an even flow of traffic from the Corn Palace to First Avenue. A slight change to the proposal, if I may.


 Since Second, Third and Fourth are one-way streets, I would like to see the lights on Main Street remain green, activating them only when a vehicle approaches from the side street as we currently do on 17th and Main and 12th and Sanborn. In addition, each light would need a pedestrian’s button to change the light for crossing Main — much the same as in the school zones. A stop sign at Sixth may be questionable.


 Under this suggestion, if there were no traffic waiting to enter Main from the side streets, the lights would be green all the way from First to the Corn Palace — with the exception of Fifth Avenue — instead of stopping every 300 feet, idling and using fuel unnecessarily. An unintended consequence might be that our motorcycle friends would not have to rev their engines at each stop, to a decibel level above that of a jet engine.