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LETTER: Businesses, advertisers should not get postage discounts

To the Editor:

My thoughts concerning the postal department claiming they are going in the red. Closing small town post offices leaves those postal employees without a job. Why does the postal department or whoever sets the postage rate give cut rates to companies, advertisers, etc.? I get letters full of junk mail, which seldom get looked at, for as little as 5 cents on their letter. I have to pay 45 cents on every letter I send and if overweight, even more. All these letters and advertisements of companies have to be sorted by postal employees which takes time. Also the mail carrier has to deliver all this advertising, junk mail, etc., which is an extra burden for them. These companies, advertisers would pay the same rate to mail their advertising that I do. I am sure this would keep the postal department in the black and save the small town post offices.