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LETTER: 'Biblical viewpoint' not same for everyone

To the Editor:

Recently The Daily Republic published letters from Mr. Hockett and Mr. Shaw taking us to task for abandoning "God's law." Their letters included lots of quotes from the Bible. In addition, Mr. Hockett said: "The biblical viewpoint of marriage has been the universal understanding of marriage in every human civilization in world history."

I would like to know what he means. The Biblical view as when Jacob got tricked into marrying one sister and had to work for his father-in-law for another 10 years to get the sister he really wanted? Or like King Solomon with his hundreds of wives and concubines? Or the part where, if your husband died and you were childless, you had to marry his brother?

Civilizations throughout history have had many, many forms of marriage. Society and its leaders have pulled quotes from the Bible to sanction every bad act imaginable, including slavery.

So let's look at the big picture. How many people accept the Christian Bible as law? And of those who profess to believe in the Bible, how many follow all its laws? (See Leviticus in its entirety.) And of those believers, how many interpret the laws in the same way?

You cannot make other people live their lives according to the Bible as you interpret it and understand it. History has already tried that (the Inquisition, the forced conversions of the indigenous peoples of the Americas) and it's never worked out that well.

So how about this. You live your life according to the Bible passages you love to quote, and leave the rest of us alone, and God bless you. The rest of us will live our lives and leave you alone, too. (Although if your old men try to marry a bunch of young girls -- another Biblical practice -- that could create some problems.)

The Bible says all will stand before God one day to be judged. That's the only judgment I really care about.