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LETTER: Beware Neo-Marxism veiled as moderation

To the Editor:

Seth Tupper’s April 24 column’s infl ammatory statements unbelievably surpassed the oppressive statements he made about limited-government Christian conservatives during a conversation I had with him in March. In his column, Tupper portrayed us “rabidly conservative members of the Republican Party” as “unthinking, zombie-like hordes” while he self-righteously portrayed himself as an intelligent “moderate.”

In reality, Tupper’s “moderate” label is deceptive and an insult to the intelligence of those who understand that he is a Neo-Marxist who lacks wisdom. That was proven by his promotion of those who consider white male Christians, like Rep. Phil Jensen, to be racist, sexist and homophobic. That brand of cultural Marxism was brought to Columbia University during the 1930s by the German Frankfurt School, and now, after generations of student indoctrination, has become mainstream thought.

During my March conservation with Tupper, he defended those who promoted the idea that unthinking, zombie-like limited-government Christian conservatives were “genetically defective” hillbillies. Tupper then insulted me after I pointed out such inflammatory rhetoric had something in common with white supremacists who believe blacks are “genetically defective.” Note, that idea is Darwinian and not Christian.

Tupper lacks the wisdom of Christians whose Bible makes it clear there is only one race, the human race. He also failed to understand Phil Jensen’s limited-government argument that says the best way to deal with white supremacists is to boycott their business in a free market, versus using the force of Big Government.

If Tupper wanted to be useful, his column should have pointed out not all five Republican Senate candidates were being honest about their conservative position. Former governor Mike Rounds padded South Dakota’s 2009 through 2011 budgets by including hundreds of millions of extra dollars from Obama’s stimulus package that was funded by federal debt. And Rounds now claims he is a “conservative” who has the common sense to fix the out-of-control federal budget? I don’t think so. If Republicans want a true conservative, who will fight Big Government and its marriage to Big Business, then they should put Stace Nelson on the ballot in November for U.S. Senate.