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LETTER: Benefits of XL outweigh risks

To the Editor:

For many months I've seen publicity against the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Let us remember that progress for the sake of total public welfare must be measured by what's good for the most people.

Granted, there are risks that exist in respect to human error and effect of natural causes of oil line spill.

I have personally talked to reliable sources near the path of that line in western South Dakota, and find that anti-XL is in the minority.

I recall the concern of many of our public when electric high lines were constructed from the standpoint of appearance to the felt risk of radiation from the lines to risk of collapse, danger to birds in flight, to the effect and inconvenience to humanity when they could be without that which they'd become dependent on for a way of life. Likely, the XL Pipeline has a great potential for the positive than the negative for the overall great good of society.