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LETTER: America getting dumber

To the Editor:

I think the people in America are becoming dumber, especially those in the political field. All they ever think about is getting re-elected again, so they won't stand up for righteous issues that will bring consequences later on.

Where is their sense of mentality when some states in the United States pass such laws as legalizing marijuana and gay marriages?

Our politicians like to adapt God's laws in the Bible and adapt the Constitution (our founding fathers created in this country for stability), just to please a few.

One of God's laws in the Bible, Exodus Chapter 20 verse 12, speaks as a commandment: "Honor your father and your mother." It does not say Honor Thy Esther and Ruth or thy Samuel and Matthew (Biblical names). It takes years for a standard husband and wife to adopt a child, but only a snap of the fingers for gays to adopt.

Our health care system stinks. Our government voted for those poor dysfunctional people that couldn't afford health care insurance, but somehow they could afford to gamble, buy illegal drugs, smoke, drink and get their bodies covered with tatoos and body piercings.

Our government needs to focus, enforce and prosecute those many law-breaking politicians even if they are members of their own party.

Our life-long politicians are a bunch of crooks accepting bribes from the wealthiest people and are not doing a noble job for our country.