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LETTER: All we want is a peaceful home

To the Editor:

This letter is in reference to Paul Jerke’s comments in an article dated Oct. 30. It seems to me that he is trying to blame this whole mess on my wife. I do believe that the previous owner of our property was one of the many neighbors around us that signed a petition against his business, as there was a conditional use permit denied in April 2012. Wanda and I didn’t move into our home until Sept. 9, 2012.

He’s not supposed to be running a business out of his parents’ shop. And you don’t need a tax license for a hobby shop, as he says it is. I don’t understand why eyewitness reports don’t count as proof, as we are not the only people who are seeing what is going on. Eyewitness reports work in other cases. The other neighbors are backing us to try and resolve this issue as they don’t enjoy the noise from the shop all day and late into the night, either.

As far as Paul Jerke having to move out and rent out his house on the hill, that is a half-mile from us and nothing to do with his operation at his dad’s house. Wanda had no issues with him at his place on the hill, though some of the other neighbors do. He was denied a permit for that property, also.

So, Paul Jerke, if you want to point fingers at who is responsible for this mess, look in the mirror. All we want is a peaceful home and to be able to sit outside and watch our grandkids play and hear what they are saying to us.

Wanda and I are not going anywhere. We thought the home we bought in September 2012 was perfect for a Vietnam veteran with disabilities.