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LETTER: All politicians should support Glass-Steagall

To the Editor:


 This letter was made public on July 30 and delivered to the U.S. Senate Banking Committee, Sen. Tim Johnson and Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

 “We, the undersigned South Dakota legislators, by virtue of the overwhelming passage of SCR 6 in the last South Dakota legislative session, call upon you, as Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, to hold immediate, emergency hearings on the reinstatement of The Glass Steagall Act. There is a strong support for the Glass-Steagall Bills in the Senate and the House. Our people are facing economic and social ruin. The Collapse of Detroit, which used to be the U.S. arsenal of democracy, is the handwriting on the wall for economic ruin across our once strong United States. 

 “You follow in the footsteps of the great South Dakotan Peter Norbeck. You must act as he did in the present crisis that threatens to be more terrible than the Great Depression of his time.”

 Only the people who support Glass-Steagall should be elected to public office. Glass-Steagall is a true and best expression of the United States Constitution.