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LETTER: Abortion a tragedy worse than slavery

To the Editor:

It has been more than 150 years since our nation outlawed slavery in the Confederate states when the Emancipation Proclamation was signed by President Abraham Lincoln. It was quite a battle to accomplish this change in America as portrayed in the movie, "Lincoln," but the president was truly concerned about the lives of the slaves and righting the wrong.

Now President Obama is the most pro-abortion president ever. Surely being killed before experiencing any of the joys of life is far worse than working for no wages, possibly being sold away from one's family, and little hope of advancement in life. Our country has become coarse and crude. Certainly we would not condone the chopping off of a thief's fingers or hand. But 55 million unborn living babies have been killed with the Supreme Court's blessing and many of us have turned a blind eye to the tragedy.

Almighty God decreed in His commandments, "Thou shalt not kill (murder)." Some do not acknowledge their Creator, but surely people of good will and common sense might think it strange that a man in South Dakota was fined $85,000 for killing one whooping crane. Would he have gone free if he only smashed eggs in a whooping crane's nest? Would President Obama sign the "Violence Against Women Act" if it forbade abortionists to harm any little women (baby girls in their mothers' wombs)?

The Jan. 28 Daily Republic reported that the Holocaust victims are still being mourned in Poland and beyond. A long period of mourning in this country is certainly proper now and long after little children are again protected, not destroyed, by the law of the land.

Lord have mercy.