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LETTER: Abortion is a 'sin against the Creator'

To the Editor:

Does God distinguish a death by abortion from a child murdered in a class room? In both cases, each breaks His commandment, "You Shall Not Kill."

Daily, the number of abortions in America far exceeds the number of non-abortion killings. There are nearly 1,000 abortions each day, and since Roe v. Wade more than 55 million unborn babies have been terminated.

On Jan. 25-26, more than 500,000 pro-life citizens rallied to pray for the end of abortions. A day later, about 2,000 or so people rallied against guns. The national media covered the anti-gun march but ignored the March For Life. Why?

The March For Life is in opposition to Obama's democratic platform, therefore, it's not news to the mainstream media. This is typical of news coverage that has been the norm for years. Liberal anti-God executives dictate what they will cover and support in the media.

ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and PBS are clearly in the pocket of Obama, so covering an antiabortion rally is ruled out. The only way Americans could have seen the size and scope of the March For Life was to have watched EWTN or Fox News.

Our country has gradually sunk into the depths of evil --courtesy of a pro-nanny state media and a social progressive entertainment industry coupled with shameful decisions from the courts. Any references to God or a pious lifestyle are discounted, disallowed or shunned by those in authority who can manipulate the youth and misinformed.

Abortion is evil and a sin against the Creator of all life. Those who tolerate or support abortion are doing so against the will of God and are doomed unless they repent and work to change the culture of death to one of life from conception to natural death.