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Legislators might ask voters to consider amendments on Deadwood, term limits

PIERRE — Some state lawmakers want voters to consider expanding the types of gambling in Deadwood casinos and to allow legislators to serve longer before they are term limited.

Both measures would appear on the statewide ballot November if majorities approve them in the House and the Senate.

Because they are joint resolutions, the governor doesn’t have a direct role in deciding whether they make the ballot. In each instance, the state constitution would be amended if a majority of voters say yes.

Rep. Tim Johns, R-Lead, is prime sponsor for the Deadwood resolution.

House Joint Resolution 1001 would add roulette, keno and craps to the card games and slot machines already allowed. Tribal casinos in South Dakota would be allowed to offer the games too. Rep. Charlie Hoffman, R-Eureka, is primes sponsor for the term-limits resolution.

HJR 1002 would lengthen the time a legislator could serve in the same chamber. The current limit is eight consecutive years. That would change to 12 consecutive years.

Both resolutions were assigned to the House State Affairs Committee for their first hearings. Those dates haven’t been set yet.