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Kernel tennis team goes 3-0 in home opener

Mitchell junior Jacob Cersosimo hits a backhand during a No. 1 singles match against Madison Friday at Hitchcock Park in MItchell (Sean Ryan/Republic)

The Kernels coasted to a 3-0 performance Friday in their home opener at Hitchcock Park in Mitchell.

"We don't have a lot of home matches this season and it was nice to go out to our home court and play tennis all day in this great weather," Mitchell coach Pat Moller said. "You couldn't draw up a better day."

The Mitchell boys tennis team swept Vermillion, Madison and Huron 9-0 to remain undefeated on the season. The Kernels improved to 10-0 overall and 4-0 in the Eastern South Dakota Conference.

The quadrangular was Mitchell's first meeting with both Vermillion and Madison, and it was the third time the Kernels swept Huron this season.

The Kernels had a week off prior to Friday's match, and Moller said his team worked on doubles.

"We played strong doubles today and we keep improving," Moller said, adding his No. 1 doubles team -- Jacob Cersosimo and Alex Hegg -- are really starting to click. "They are playing at a high level right now, and we're showing opponents that we're one of the better teams."

During the week off, Gray Determan earned the No. 6 singles spot for the Kernels, while Jacob Dahme -- who Determan challenged for the spot -- will stay at the No. 3 doubles spot with Brenden Lehr. Both players won all of their matches Friday.

Mitchell continues its homestand as it hosts Sioux Falls Washington and Aberdeen Central in a triangular at 1 p.m. Monday at Hitchcock Park.

"We need a test to see where we're at," Moller said. "People are putting Aberdeen at the top of the ESD with Mitchell, so we'll find out Monday how that will play out."


SINGLES: No. 1 Jacob Cersosimo (M) def. Jacob Ford 10-1; No. 2 Beau Brown (M) def. Kevin Helenurm 10-1; No. 3 Alex Hegg (M) def. Joe Swanson 10-0; No. 4 Kanin Nelson (M) def. Ryan Styles 10-3; No. 5 Brenden Lehr (M) def. Sam Cray 10-3; No. 6 Gray Determan (M) def. Daniel Robison 10-0

DOUBLES: No. 1 Cersosimo/Hegg (M) def. Ford/Swanson 10-0; No. 2 Brown/Nelson (M) def. Helenurm/Styles 10-1; No. 3 Lehr/Jacob Dahme (M) def. Cray/Robison 10-4.


SINGLES: No. 1 Cersosimo (M) def. Kevin Shan 10-2; No. 2 Brown (M) def. Jacob Leighton 10-3; No. 3 Hegg (M) def. Matt Graff 10-0; No. 4 Nelson (M) def. Logan Jager 10-0; No. 5 Lehr (M) def. Mitch Hansen 10-0; No. 6 Determan (M) def. Gabe Richards 10-1; JV: Dahme (M) def. David Pimentel 8-0; Carter Cavanaugh (M) def. Marcus VandenBosch 8-1; Kyle Jamison (M) def. Pimentel 8-0.

DOUBLES: No. 1 Cersosimo/Hegg (M) def. Shan/Leighton 10-1; No. 2 Brown/Nelson (M) def. Hansen/Richards 10-0; No. 3 Lehr/Dahme (M) def. Graff/Jager 10-6; JV: Determan/Jamison (M) def. VandenBosch/Pimentel 8-3.


SINGLES: No. 1 Cersosimo (M) def. Colin Claeys 10-2; No. 2 Brown (M) def. Devon Carroll 10-3; No. 3 Hegg (M) def. Blake Meyer 10-0; No. 4 Nelson (M) def. Tyler Sterrett 10-2; No. 5 Lehr (M) def. Henry Rubish 10-1; No. 6 Determan (M) def. Brenden Schlader 10-0; JV: Dahme (M) def. Rick Strubel 10-0; Cavanaugh (M) def. Sean Preston 8-0.

DOUBLES: No. 1 Cersosimo/Hegg (M) def. Claeys/Meyer 10-0; No. 2 Brown/Nelson (M) def. Carroll/Sterrett 10-0; No. 3 Lehr/Dahme (M) def. Rubish/Schalder 10-0; JV: Determan/Jamison (M) def. Strubel/Preston 8-0.